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Event Catering for Breakfast Meetings & Presentations
If you’re planning a corporate breakfast meeting, OVIN Caterers in Delhi NCR can help you to ensure a stress-free, smooth event at a reasonable price.
Whether you are having have 100 attendees or just a handful of them, scheduling presentations and meetings in the morning will help secure the success of the event and in some cases turns out to be pocket-friendly.
When you choose OVIN Caterers, our catering expert guide and assist you, and you’ll be able to concentrate on the task at hand and relax, rather than worrying about the satiety and comfort of your colleagues and guests.

Why Choose Breakfast for Your Corporate Event?
Why Choose Breakfast for Your Corporate Event?
Lunch events have always been a standard of corporate meetings, seminars, and presentations, scheduling your event early provides numerous advantages.
First thing in the morning, when you catch attendees, they will have fewer potential conflicts and distractions. There will be some possibilities for them to run late or to find reasons to exit out at the last minute.
You’ll also have your audience at their sharpest mental state of the day. One thing is for sure that not everyone is a morning person; your attendees will have the added benefit of gorging on free breakfast and free-flowing non-stop coffee to spur them on.

Planning a Corporate Event in the morning.
serving-food-to-guest-best-catring-service-ovin-caterersYour event should be based on the duration of your presentation or meeting.
Relatively, if your event is short – For example, 60 to 90 minutes – you should serve your food first. Attendees can get their beverage of choice and grab their plates and head straight to their designated tables to enjoy their breakfast and the presentation simultaneously.
If your event duration is going to be longer than 90 minutes, you may consider offering juice, coffee, tea, and pastries upon their arrival. Then for more substantial edible offerings, you may plan a break halfway through the event. This will provide them with the necessary sustenance for the first half of the program and give them a well-timed pause, helping you to have their undivided attention until the end.
Trust OVIN Event Catering Expert for Help
An event caterer knows and understands how to stage the food in a way that will keep your event moving with minimal distractions.
outdoor-office-residence-caterers-in-delhiDepending on the goal of your meeting, you may want to choose a simple continental Breakfast or full breakfast buffet. For a more formal event — pitch to a potential client, for example – you may prefer a healthy plated Indian breakfast for a great experience.
Whatever Your preference, OVIN Caterers in Delhi NCR, can help make your corporate breakfast a phenomenal success. We have multiple options ranging from South-Indian to Continental and many more, which are healthy, sumptuous, and pocket-friendly. We work strictly with you to craft a menu that meets one’s needs as well as the budget.
We are based in North-West Delhi, Delhi, but we assist our clients in PAN India. Contact us today to learn many more interesting facts about how our catering services in Delhi-NCR can make your next breakfast a success.

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